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KCSB184T24 SKU: 0291248

184mm 24T Wood Circular Saw Blade

KCSB184T24 SKU: 0291248

184mm 24T Wood Circular Saw Blade

Make fast and efficient cuts into softwoods and hardwoods with the Kango 184mm 24T Wood Circular Saw Blade. This high-performance Blade is great for framing applications. Its 24T tooth count is ideal for rip or cross cuts.

Cobalt-infused carbide teeth reduce abrasion and wear, maximising tip...
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Key Features

  • Cobalt-Infused Carbide Teeth
  • Anti-Stick Coating
  • Hook Expansion Slots
  • Laser Cut Vibration Slots
  • Anti-Kickback Teeth
  • Thin Kerf

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184mm 24T Wood Circular Saw Bladeexpand_more

Cobalt-Infused Carbide Teeth

Maximises tip sharpness and cutting life

Anti-Stick Coating

Reduces gumming, friction and corrosion

Hook Expansion Slots

Ideal slot shape for decreasing vibration

Laser Cut Vibration Slots

Minimises wobble, warping and blade stress

Anti-Kickback Teeth

Shouldered tooth design prevents kickback when cutting

Thin Kerf

For increased cut speeds and cuts per charge


  • Size 184 mm
  • Weight 0.191 kg

What's Included

Circular Saw Blade

16mm Reduction Ring

15.875mm (5/8”) Reduction Ring