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KHHS22BM SKU: 0354364

22mm Hole Shot Bi-Metal Hole Saw

KHHS22BM SKU: 0354364

22mm Hole Shot Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Equip your drill for cutting metals such as aluminium, steel, and sheet metal with the Kango 22mm Hole Shot Bi-Metal Hole Saw. This Bi-Metal Hole Saw is also suitable for cutting wood and plastic.

These Hole Saws come equipped with new-to-market rapid removal slots, providing an abundance of...
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Key Features

  • Rapid Removal Slots
  • Anti-friction Coating
  • Rigid Tooth Design
  • Cobalt Infused Bi-metal Cup

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22mm Hole Shot Bi-Metal Hole Sawexpand_more

Rapid Removal Slots

Abundance of leverage points for rapid plug removal, increasing user productivity due to decreased downtime when ejecting material

Anti-friction Coating

Reduces friction, gumming and corrosion maximizing cut speed and efficiency

Rigid Tooth Design

Lower TPI provides enhanced durability in metal applications

Cobalt Infused Bi-metal Cup

Hole Saw cup is blended with 8% Cobalt for enhanced life


  • Weight 0.04
  • Packaging Dimensions 22x55x22